Large Ground Signage

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Many of the world’s largest brands and hundreds of small-to- medium businesses have had their logos recreated on the ground using the GrassAds System. Events of all sizes benefit from the excitement and attention that our presentations draw and the technology caters to all clients ranging from local golf clubs to The Olympic Games.

GrassAds automated application techniques can create the most accurate representation of your design in high definition. Bigger is most certainly better when it comes to making an impression. With our GrassAds technology there are no limits to size or content in creativity. We have been responsible for some of the biggest ground signage events around the world with some of the biggest sponsors in the world. Our service and attention to detail is second to none ensuring that quality is not sacrificed through volume.

Our teams are professional and will work with you to ensure that your vision, no matter how big, is executed and delivered as promised. Take a look at some of our BIG logos and be prepared to be amazed.

Contact your local expert to discuss how you can use GrassAds at your next event, or or create some permanent signage on almost any hard surface.

Welcome To Our Turf – 2012 London Olympics


British Airways

Competing on new soil is already daunting for athletes, but just to make sure the competitors in the London Olympics knew the home country had the advantage a giant painting of British World Champion Jessica Ennis was created next to the flight path at Heathrow airport. Millions of passengers flying into the airport were able to see the giant image of the 2012 heptathlon hopeful alongside the words ‘Welcome to our turf. It was located in Thornbury Playing Fields in Hounslow, west London, about three miles from Heathrow.


Watch the full video here

Celebrate the Tour De France 2014

Big Creative McClains Scarecrow Tour De France GrassAds


The 2014 Tour De France had the world watching and what better way to get the worlds attention than to draw a 4,550 square metre scarecrow in a potato field in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The image was seen from around the world and was a successful inclusion for McCain’s marketing campaign. Thanks to the clever use of a large area, the relevance of using a potato field to tie in with their product and the use of GrassAds robotic technology, the McCain’s scarecrow was became an attraction to locals in the area and sight to behold from around the world thanks to the viral exposure it received.


Watch the full video here

The Worlds Greatest Shave Wimbeldon 2011

roger federer GrassAds Gilette


The 2,800 square metre portrait of tennis sensation Roger Federer was the pivotal
peace of Gillette’s Worlds Greatest Shave Campaign as part of their sponsorship of
the 2011 Wimbeldon Tennis Championship. The campaign was very well received
amongst the public due to Federer’s profile and the environmentally friendly
aspect of the paint and application in a popular London park.
There was even a 
giant Gillette razor to help the cause.

Watch the full video here


Get Your Motor Running

Big Creative WPS GrassAds


When you are a major sponsor of a racing team, you want your brand to be noticed as well as the performance of your cars. WPS Financial Services wanted to leave no doubt in everyone’s mind who ‘owned’ the track when it came to branding and advertising. The spectators, corporate visitors and thousands of television viewers were exposed to one of the worlds largest corporate logos at just under 9000 square metres and was specifically designed and positioned for the best viewing angle from all directions of the track – whether aerial or on the ground. The WPS Logo that was created by GrassAds at Queensland Raceway in Australia still stands as the biggest logo in history on an Australian race circuit.



Gold Coast Hospital Construction Partners

Special Events Gold Coast Hospital construction GrassAds

Golding and Bovis

It’s not every day that a city receives a new hospital or that this hospital is being built right opposite a major University Campus where there are numerous vantage points from multi-storey buildings. When Golding and Bovis began the land clearing of the Parklands area in Queenslands Gold Coast for the new hospital, there was a huge black canvas on the surface space where the construction was to begin.  With GrassAds robotic technology, the company logos were able to be drawn on the hard surface (yes we do more than just grass) and the finished product was a visual display which both companies still use for their marketing material.


Shop Fly Buy Brisbane Airport

Shop Fly Buy Brisbane Airport GrassAd

Brisbane Airport Duty Free

When your potential customers are hundreds of metres in the air, how can your advertising reach them from the ground? It’s easy if you’re an airport and have a large area of unused space available (ie next to a major runway). Brisbane Airport had the foresight and vision to invite and reinforce their soon-to-be visitors to Shop Buy Fly before they even reached the tarmac. The grass sign was part of their ongoing campaign and used to compliment their existing marketing material both inflight and within the airport.  The GrassAds robotic technology made the outlining of the sign easy and effecient and caused no disruption to the general operations of the airport. In fact, it became quite a talking point for passengers as they were greeted with a huge GrassAd as they landed at Brisbane International Airport.