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You now have the power to create your own advertising with GrassAds robotic systems license. Complete hands-on training, ongoing support, low cost of application and minimal staff time required.



Creative advertising

With over a decade of experience in Grass Advertising and robotic development GrassAds brings a wealth of experience to its technology and licensing program.




GrassAds robotic system and integrated software package comes with full training and experienced ongoing support for application in multiple markets including golf courses, stadiums, athletic tracks, auto racing and flight path logos at airports. It enables any business, venue or event to increase revenue opportunities from sponsor advertising. The GrassAds system is unique in the market, with low cost set up and application it’s highly productive and profitable. We ensure ongoing support, upgrades and provide a custom software package.

We have provided thousands of logos for events globally, creating unlimited options in size and creativity from 100 to 100,000 sqft.


  • Logos can be produced for as little as $100 per logo
  • Complete “in house” system for efficient operations
  • Establish own pricing and options packages for clients
  • Operate with no geographic restrictions

Ongoing support includes ongoing software updates and gives customers the ability to:

  • Convert unlimited graphics and designs to GrassAds control files
  • Optimize graphics to take advantage of viewing perspectives on variable terrain
  • Upload logo files from the data library in real-time using cloud-based software
  • Operate the robot in a variety of terrain and multiple venues


New revenue opportunities – GrassAds technology can develop high quality and original advertising on for example; driving ranges, for a consistent customer base including high-end industry brands.

Enhanced client retention and will bring new events to the calendar – GrassAds offer quality and value for event sponsors. Any event can now add to the player experience with unique and custom presentations.

Multiple logos are created quickly with clear, accurate designs on the surface, ideal for final painting by the operator. Eco-friendly turf paint is available that is easily removed post-event if required.


For events requiring Grass Advertising
GrassAds application services are also available through
GrassAds & our network of license owners.

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