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A Day for Daniel

Oct 28, 2016   //   by GA-Marketing   //   Global Events, GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Special Events and Campaigns, GrassAds UK, GrassAds USA, Latest News  //  Comments Off on A Day for Daniel

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation had their message made for all to see at a local Gold Coast school.

It was a day to remember on many levels for a special cause when St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School on Queensland’s Gold Coast, hosted a visit from Bruce and Denise Morcombe to promote child safety for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation‘s annual Day for Daniel event.

Daniel Morcombe was abducted in 2003 while waiting for a bus and Australia rallied behind parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe as the search for answers and Daniel began. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation begun in 2005 and has gained momentum through it’d dedication to educating children, parents, teachers and communities on child safety.

Through liaising with the school, local council, Blask Photography for aerial and on ground imagery, SupaTurf,  media, Shared Marketing and the Daniel Morcombe Foundation,  the application of a 100 square metre (1076 square feet) image of Daniel Morcombe and the foundation’s logo was created for a spectacular welcome to special guests, Bruce and Denise Morcombe.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation image was applied two days before the scheduled visit to allow for weather contingencies with the presentation being completed from the initial robotic outlining through to the final painting taking just over 4 hours.  It was the first time an image of Daniel had ever been replicated on the ground and was a special moment for all those involved on the day including the 650 students of the school, dressed in red, who surrounded the image to show their support.

It was an amazing event to be a part of and the results of the day speak for themselves in the images from the day.  If you would like to organise a GrassAd for your next special event, contact our head office today.








Why Team Spirit can benefit from Grass Advertising

Nov 10, 2015   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Corporate Days, GrassAds Golf, GrassAds Special Events and Campaigns, GrassAds UK, GrassAds USA, Latest News  //  Comments Off on Why Team Spirit can benefit from Grass Advertising

Irrespective of the type of sport, the battle for sponsorship is fierce amongst sporting teams. That all important sponsorship dollar is dependent on several factors such as:

  • Teams Success in it’s league
  • Fan base
  • Social media following
  • Star players
  • Team branding
  • Publicity

All of these aspects compliment each other and contribute to the overall appeal to sponsors and the teams ‘brand.’ If the brand isn’t exciting, then spectators will not follow the team and the sponsors will take their dollars elsewhere. Ensuring that the team logo is well-recognised and respected is one of the most important part in building the teams recognition amongst the media, fans, sponsors, etc.

Grass advertising can assist with this as it gives the sporting team and venue the chance to promote the team to the spectators watching the game.  It also contributes towards the actual players getting into the team spirit and instilling a sense of pride in the team and it’s fan base.  We have worked with a large number of sporting teams such as American football, car racing teams, Australian Rugby League, English cricket – to name a few.  All of whom have recognised this advantage of having their team logo on the field.

If you would like more information about our sponsorship packages and branding opportunities, contact us today.

Team logos ground signage


Griffith University announces partnership for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Oct 7, 2015   //   by GrassAds   //   Global Events, GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Special Events and Campaigns, Latest News  //  Comments Off on Griffith University announces partnership for 2018 Commonwealth Games


It was a busy day on campus today at the Gold Coast campus of Griffith University with the announcement of their affiliation with the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Special guest speaker Commonwealth Games Minister, Kate Jones praised the involvement of Griffith University who will not only be acting as a venue for some of the events, but will also be providing training facilities for the athletes who will be staying in the athletes village across the road from the University. The village is expected to hold up to 6000 officials and athletes.

The other big announcement was the offer of 250 internships which will be available to students throughout areas such as programming planning, physio, events organisation, sports management, human resources and business.

Griffith University will be beginning construction on an Olympic sized swimming pool for the Commonwealth Games which will remain after the games for the use of students.

GrassAds was privileged to be invited to create a memorable visual display on the athletics track for the VIP guests to see.  The 2018 Commonwealth Games logo was proudly displayed by the side of the Griffith University logo which has been used in this format throughout the launch event.

The logo layed 95×35 meters in size and added a fantastic atmosphere and talking piece for the event.  Every news station on the Gold Coast attended the event with all networks giving extensive coverage to the 3D logos on the sports field below.  Click here to view the coverage from the Ten Network. The logos were converted to 3D through our software technology and were specifically tailored to the viewing platform of the Medical building 8 stories up where the event was held.

If you would like any information about how GrassAds can boost your PR event, contact us today.






A marketing campaign of Jurassic proportion

Aug 27, 2015   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Special Events and Campaigns, Latest News  //  Comments Off on A marketing campaign of Jurassic proportion

One of the many things we enjoy about the GrassAds robotic technology is the outlet it gives our clients for creativity.  Many marketing campaigns are just a once off so the logistics of organising stencils for a huge logo very often deters people from branching out with something different.

The beauty of GrassAds is that we can create any image on almost any surface to compliment the marketing campaign you are wanting to deliver to your customers. We recently had the pleasure of enjoying some Queensland sunshine on the Gold Coast when we created a new campaign for one of the Gold Coasts leading triathlon groups, Team TREX.

With a name like ‘TREX’ it was of no surprise to us when they requested an enormous image of a T-Rex on one of their training fields at the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre. With our robot working hard marking out the 90m2 image, the painters could get straight to work right alongside it – all on synthetic turf.

The finished product was truly spectacular.  Check out this video to see all the behind the scenes footage and the finished product for Team TREX’s “Alive and Kicking” campaign.

If you would like to discuss an idea for your next marketing campaign, contact us today.


Rugby Championship 2015 Brisbane

Jul 24, 2015   //   by GA-Marketing   //   Global Events, GrassAds Australia, Latest News  //  Comments Off on Rugby Championship 2015 Brisbane

What a match! The Wallabies snatched a victory away in from the Springboks as the game went into overtime in front of a crowd of over 37,000 spectators at Suncorp Stadium on the weekend. The Wallabies weren’t the only winners with the games sponsors scoring overtime coverage on the field both in the stadium and to the hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world watching the televised game.

With a total of 10 logos to be laid out and painted in the one day, it was great to see our licensee making good use of our autonomous robotic line-marking technology.


RugbyChamp3 RugbyChamp4




Barack Obama visits The University of Queensland

Nov 16, 2014   //   by GrassAds   //   Global Events, GrassAds Australia, GrassAds USA, Latest News  //  Comments Off on Barack Obama visits The University of Queensland

The 2014 G20 Summit was recently held in Brisbane, Australia and played host to the leaders from 20 of the worlds most powerful economies. Many of the leaders visited venues in and around the Brisbane area upon their visit but none was more watched and anticipated than President Barack Obama’s visit to The University of Queensland (or UQ) where he made a speech to 12oo invited guests including high school and university students.

Now referred to as the ‘Brisbane Speech’, President Obama spoke of global issues and issues specific to Australia. The speech was well received with the President of the United States of America receiving several standing ovations. Obama further impressed the attendees with his generosity of time in meeting many of the guests after his speech had concluded.

The vice chancellor of the University of Queensland said it was an honour for the University to be the chosen venue for the Presidents only public engagement upon his G20 visit.

Special Events UQ Union GrassAds


The Race That Stopped A Nation

Nov 7, 2014   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Special Events and Campaigns  //  Comments Off on The Race That Stopped A Nation

In Australia we recently celebrated the annual Melbourne Cup event which is affectionately referred to as the ‘Race that stops a nation’, and for good reason too. The state of Victoria, has an official public holiday on the first Tuesday of every November to watch the spectacular and exciting horse race.

This year however, the event was tarnished from the sudden death of one of the favourites immediately after the race. The tragic news continued with news of a second horse having to put down after breaking her leg from kicking a fence after being spooked by a child waving a giant flag near the stables.

The actual event itself prior to the tragic post-race events was a success. With fashion, celebrities, corporate marquees, corporate boxes and sponsors galore, there wan’t a dry champagne glass left  in the house. Turf clubs across Australia all celebrated the event with race day celebrations allowing punters and fashionistas around the country to join in the festivities. It was a great excuse to get out and be seen, especially for the sponsors!

Coca-Cola Race Day Australia GrassAds




GrassAds Singularity University Promo!

Oct 27, 2014   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Corporate Days, GrassAds USA, Latest News  //  Comments Off on GrassAds Singularity University Promo!

Take a look at the video below! GrassAds took the Singularity University logo to new heights with a successful collaboration from both the GrassAds robot and Aerial Advantage‘s eye-in-the-sky. We think you’ll agree the finished product is very impressive.

With the support of a broad range of specialists in academia, business and government, Singularity University creates a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, technologists and young leaders to participate in crafting a road map to guide the evolution of these disruptive technologies. SU helps bring together individuals from disparate disciplines and industries and facilitates conversation and collaboration through its Graduate Studies and Executive Programs. SU is based at the NASA Research Park campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA.

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Robot Training

Dec 24, 2013   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia, GrassAds Robotic Technology  //  Comments Off on Robot Training

grassads-robotLike any technology, the GrassAds robots go through extensive testing before they are distributed to work their magic on sporting fields, race tracks etc. Once they have the stamp of approval the only other training required is for us human operators!


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GrassAds Robotics – Not Just A Grass-Painting Robot

Nov 24, 2013   //   by GrassAds   //   GrassAds Australia  //  Comments Off on GrassAds Robotics – Not Just A Grass-Painting Robot

GrassAds technology is not limited to just grass surfaces. In the recent years the demand for advertising on hard surfaces, such as concrete, has grown. This is due to company’s wanting to gain more exposure by increasing their presence with large logos on large areas.

GrassAds Grass Signage

This is where the big benefits lie with our logo drawing robot. For hard surface venues such as construction sights, race tracks and carparks and even flight paths, there only needs to be one man on site for the robotic line-marking.

The only limit to the size of the logo is the amount of space available and the only limit to the look of the logo, is the imagination.

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